Rainbow Valley Northern Territory

Rainbow Valley, Northern Territory

Venus Moon is a Melbourne based writer.

This site is a place to ‘out’ some of my short stories, esoteric memoirs and occasional rants.

I like:

  • Family and close friends
  • Writing creative fiction, reading books
  • Dogs, especially greyhounds
  • Travelling. Anywhere.
  • Drinking coffee Rick Stein’s prawn molee
  • Australian authors, Aboriginal art
  • Golden grasses shimmering as they sway in late afternoon light
  • Kookaburras laughing, black cockatoos whistling
  • Music especially the bands Calexico and Sigur Ros
  • Riding my bike, punching my trainer, watching the mighty Tiges.

If you relate to any of this, you may be a bit like me. Read on.

photo of the author at Tessellated Tiles

Tessellated Tiles, Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania